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Director's Corner


With the merging of the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics (BAS), National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB), Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics (BLES), and National Statistics Office (NSO) into the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), Bayucan was appointed as the Interim Provincial Statistics Officer (PSO) of the PSA Provincial Office of Nueva Vizcaya and later on, appointed as the regular PSO of the province with an item of Chief Statistical Specialist in February 2016. During his time in Nueva Vizcaya, Bayucan was selected as one of the scholars of the PSA to pursue a Masters in Development Management at the prestigious Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP). In 2016, under the leadership of then-Regional Director Marilyn T. Estrada. Bayucan successfully implemented and defended his Re-entry Project entitled “Tamang Proseso, Malinis na Dokumento” which was geared towards efficient and “error-free” registration of birth. With these new achievements, Bayucan continued to excel in his role in PSA as he worked tirelessly to improve and enhance statistical and civil registration services in the province of Nueva Vizcaya.


In the year 2018, then Regional Director Estrada re-assigned Bayucan to the regional office and led its Statistical Operations and Coordinations Division (SOCD). With his passion and desire for change and innovation, he proved himself to be an excellent motivator and orchestrator of people, and he was able to lead the SOCD of PSA RSSO II to success.


After more than a year of his stint in the regional office, PSA RSSO II cornered various commendations in the annual PSA awards given to performing and deserving offices of the PSA. The SOCD division under the tutelage of Engr. Bayucan bagged two major awards in 2020 - 1st Place in the Statistical Operation and 1st Place in the Statistical Frameworks and Indicators System. These two awards elevated the position of the regional office (from top 16) and was hailed as the third-best region among 17 regions in the country during the 2020 PSA Awards, under the then RD Marilyn Estrada's leadership and direct assistance of Engr. Bayucan.


Because of his unmatched leadership, Bayucan was designated as OIC of the Civil Registration and Administrative Support Division (CRASD) of the agency which proves his competence in various fields. In his stance as OIC, he victoriously led the conduct of various events of the office namely: Inauguration of the PSA-RSSO II Building and the first 2022 Mid-Year Performance Review for Northern Luzon Cluster. During his time as OIC-CRASD, Bayucan initiated a project titled, "PSA Cares" as a social responsibility initiative. In the year 2022, PSA-RSSO II was able to conduct Brigada Eskwela and Coastal Clean Up Drive, and earlier this 2023, the office conducted a social responsibility activity for senior women and men of Pata, Tuao, Cagayan.


Bayucan believes that extending a helping hand and involving employees with these kind of projects enhance employee morale and may even inspire them to become better civil servants. Bayucan's journey is a testament to the power of dedication and hard work in achieving success. After dedicating 34 years to government service, he was appointed as the Officer-In-Charge of PSA-RSSO II following the retirement of RD Estrada in early 2023. His story serves as an inspiration to many, demonstrating that anyone can accomplish their goals and reach great heights with perseverance.


Throughout his career, Bayucan exemplified the qualities of a true public servant. He demonstrated unwavering commitment and a strong work ethic, which allowed him to rise through the ranks in the government service. His determination to excel and consistently deliver outstanding results set him apart from his peers.

Chief Statistical Specialist
Officer-in-Charge, PSA RSSO II