Regional Statistical Development Program (RSDP)

The CV-RSDP 2018 - 2023
The Regional Statistical Development Program (RSDP) is a mechanism for setting the directions, thrusts and priorities of the Regional Statistical System (RSS). It identifies priority statistical development activities which will generate local level data and resolve statistical issues at the local level. It is formulated to provide quality statistics for evidence-based decisions to improve the life of its people.  
Cagayan Valley RSDP (CV-RSDP) 2018-2023‘s driving force is firmly rooted on the development vision of the region‘s Regional Development Plan (RDP) 2017-2022 and the RSS‘s development needs. The CV-RSDP 2018-2023 aims to contribute to the overall development and improvement in the operations of the RSS and address information needs of various stakeholders.  
Stakeholders from the region collaborated for the CV-RSDP 2018-2023 with the main goal to harmonize different statistical activities of Regional Line Agencies (RLAs), Local Government Units (LGUs), the academe, and other government and private institutions. The CV-RSDP 2018-2023 aims to have a RSS with a greater capacity to provide excellent services and statistical information for the data requirements of planning, policy setting, and decision making at the subnational level.