2020 Special Releases


SR-2020-035.  1st Semester 2020 Fruits Production in Cagayan Valley Rebounds by more than 15.0 percent

SR-2020-034.  Good Performance of Aquaculture Lift Up Fishery Production in Q3 2020.

SR-2020-033.  Non-Food and Industrial Crops Output Continues to Roll Down as Sugarcane Production Suffered Anew in 1st Semester 2020. 
SR-2020-032.  Number of Constructions in the Region Decreased by 24.0 percent for Q1 2020.
SR-2020-031.  Almost 2.5M Population 15 Years Old and Over were in the Labor Force in Cagayan Valley.

SR-2020-030.  Inflation Rate Remained at 2.9 percent in September 2020.

SR-2020-028.  Inflation Rate Went Up by 3.0 percent in June 2020.

SR-2020-026.  Regional Unemployment Soar into an All-Time High.  

SR-2020-024.  Inflation Rate Grew Further at 2.8 percent in March 2020.  

SR-2020-023.  Regional Employment Rate Down in January 2020.

SR-2020-022.  Region II (Cagayan Valley): 1st Quarter 2020 Civil Registration Updates. 

SR-2020-021.  Increase Wage Rate for Farm Workers Seen in 2018.

SR-2020-020.  Prices of Poultry in the Region Commanded Higher Prices in Q4.

SR-2020-019.  Livestock Farm Gate Prices in Q4 2019 Posted Distant Trends.

SR-2020-018.  Farm Gate Prices of Cereals Fell Sharp in Q4 2019.

SR-2020-017.  Majority of Fruits were Valued at a Higher Farm Gate Prices in Q4 2019.

SR-2020-016.  Building Consruction Slid Down in the Last Quarter of 2019.

SR-2020-015.  Prices of Roots and Tubers in Q4 2019 on Opposing Trends.

SR-2020-014.  Prices of Most Fruit Vegetables in the Region Down in Q4 2019.

SR-2020-013.  Improved Employment in the Region Seen.

SR-2020-012.  Cagayan Valley's Livestock Production Grew as Poultry Output Fell.

SR-2020-011.  Women Empowerment in Cagayan Valley (Results from the 2017 National Demograpic and Health Survey).

SR-2020-010.  Fish Production in the Region Fell Short Anew.

SR-2020-009.  NFICC's Production in the Region Drops for Four Years in a Row.

SR-2020-008.  Vegetable Production in 2019 Still Above Other Years in a Decade.

SR-2020-007.  Fruits Production in 2019 Almost at its Lowest Output in Ten Years.

SR-2020-006.  Almost 1/4 of the Country's Corn Production was Sourced in the Region.

SR-2020-005.  2019 Palay Production in the Region almost hit the highest output.

SR-2020-004.  Cagayan Valley provinces increases in poverty threshold.

SR-2020-003.  Inflation of Cagayan Valley Goes up to 1.6.

SR-2020-002.  Region II (Cagayan Valley): 4th Quarter 2019 Civil Registration Updates.

SR-2020-001.  Povery Incidence in the Region Slightly Declined in 2018.