2019 Special Releases

SR-2019-046.  Cagayan Valley Deflates at -0.1.

SR-2019-045.  Inflation in the Region Plunged Further to Four-Year Low.

SR-2019-044.  Employment Rate in the Region Dropped Anew. 

SR-2019-043.  Region II (Cagayan Valley): 3rd Quarter 2019 Civil Registration Updates. 

SR-2019-042.  Inflation of Cagayan Valley Drops further to 0.1. 

SR-2019-041.  Regional Inflation Rate Drops to a Four-Year Low.

SR-2019-040.  Q2 Corn Production Below 2018 Level.

SR-2019-039.  Sugarcane Production Pulled Down Performance of Non-Food and Industrial Crops in 1st Semester 2019.

SR-2019-038.  Fruit Crops Production Down by Almost One-Fifth.

SR-2019-037.  Registered Vital Events in Region II 2018.

SR-2019-036.  Q2 Palay Production Down by More than One Percent.

SR-2019-035.  Cagayan Valley Region Records 30,751 Establishments. 

SR-2019-034.  Regional Inflation Rate Decelerates Further to 2.2 Percent. 

SR-2019-033.  Latest Employment Rate up by 0.1%. 

SR-2019-032.  Inflation Drops to 2.7 percent in June 2019. 

SR-2019-031.  Swine and Chicken Production Drops in Q1 as Inventory Declines. 

SR-2019-029.  Corn Production in Q1 2019 Fell Short by Less than 4%.

SR-2019-028.  Inflation in the Region Moves Up Anew.

SR-2019-027.  Palay Production May Go Down in the 1st Semester of 2019.

SR-2019-026.  Most Roots and Tubers Traded in Cagayan Valley were Sold at Higher Farm Gate Price during the First Quarter of 2019.

SR-2019-025.  Farm Gate Prices of Most Fruit Vegetables in Cagayan Valley Went Down in 1st Quarter of 2019.

SR-2019-024.  Fruit Crops except Citrus Transacted at Higher Farm Gate Prices in Cagayan Valley during the First Quarter of 2019.

SR-2019-023.  Differing Trends of Farm Gate Prices for Cereals and Livestock and Poultry in Cagayan Valley Registered during the First Quarter of 2019.  

SR-2019-022.  1st Quarter 2019 Fish Production in Cagayan Valley Continues to Display Negative Indicator at 10.65 percent.

SR-2019-021.  Production of Fruit Crops in Cagayan Valley Spiralled Downward by More Than 40.0 percent in 1st Quarter 2019.

SR-2019-020.  First Quarter 2019 Non-Food and Industrial Crops Output:  Backslidden Furthermore.

SR-2019-019.  Vegetables and Rootcrops Production in Region 02 Declines Further by 7.45 percent in 1st Quarter 2019.

SR-2019-018.  Cagayan Valley maintains its Employment Rate at the top.

SR-2019-017.  Inflation in the region rose to 3.3 percent in April 2019.

SR-2019-016.  PSA RSSO 02 broadcasts the 2018 Economy of Cagayan Valley.

SR-2019-015.  Cagayan Valley's Inflation Hits Low at 2.9 percent.

SR-2019-014.  Diverse Trend of Farm Gate Prices for Selected Roots and Tubers, and Leafy Vegetables in Cagayan Valley Seen during the Last Quarter of 2018. 

SR-2019-013.  Farm Wage Rate in Cagayan Valley Disadvantageous for Female Farm Workers? 

SR-2019-012.  Livestock and Poultry Production Exhibited Opposing Trends during 2nd Semester of 2018. 

SR-2019-011.  Production of Non-Food and Industrial Crops in Cagayan Valley Suffered Setback in 2018. 

SR-2019-010.  Inflation in Cagayan Valley Slackened Anew. 

SR-2019-008.  Production of Fruit Crops in Cagayan Valley Rosed by More Than Nine Percent in 2018

SR-2019-007.  Construction in Cagayan Valley Remained Steady at More Than One Thousand in the 3rd Quarter of 2018

SR-2019-006.  Palay and Corn Situation Outlook, January 2019 Round

SR-2019-005.  Production of Vegetables and Rootcrops in Cagayan Valley, 2017-2018

SR-2019-004.  Fish Production in Cagayan Valley Decellerates Further by 8.9 Percent in 4th Quarter of 2018

SR-2019-003.  Inflation in Cagayan Valley decelerates further to 5.4 percent in January 2019

SR-2019-002.  Inflation in Cagayan Valley goes down to 6.0 percent in December 2018.

SR-2019-001.  October 2018 Labor Force Survey.