2017 Special Releases

2017-295.  Training/Workshop on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Indicators, Formulation of Regional Statistical Development Program (RSDP) and Regional Development Indicators.

2017-294.  PSA RSSO 02 hosted the Luzon-Visayas Cluster Seminar on Government Rules and Regulations on December 4-6, 2017.

2017-293.  PSA RSSO 02 and PSAI 02 spearheads the First Statistical Quiz Exhibition Game.

2017-292.  Slogan Making Contest held at RSSO 02.

2017-291.  Statistical quiz bee among PSA RSSO 02 employees conducted.

2017-290.  RSSO 02 Staff on Radio and TV.

2017-289.  RSSO 02 conducts Trivia Contest to Clients.

2017-288.  28th National Statistics Month Opening Ceremony held in Cagayan Valley.

2017-215.  Other Crops Situationer, January to June 2017. 

2017-214.  Fisheries Situationer, April to June 2017. 

2017-213.  Palay and Corn Situation Outlook, July 2017 Round.

2017-05.  Palay and Corn Situation Outlook, April 2017 Round.

2017-03.  Employment in Cagayan Valley, April 2016 Labor Force Survey Final Results.

2017-01.  Palay and Corn Situation and Outlook, January 2017 Round.

2017-01.  2016 Price condition in Cagayan Valley.