2021 Press Releases



PR-2021-036. PSA RSSO II opens its Philsys Fixed Registration Center.

PR-2021-035. Inflation rate in the region dropped further to 4.1 percent in November 2021.

PR-2021-034. Purchasing Power of Peso eased at P0.75 in November 2021.

PR-2021-033. Isabela Civil Registrars Association (ICRA) conducted Consultative Conference, Year-End Assessment & Planning Workshop.

PR-2021-032. PSA RSSO II as Resource Speakers on Briefing of Solemnizing Officers of Tuguegarao City.

PR-2021-031. Cagayan Valley's Inflation Rate further eased to 6.5 percent in October 2021.

PR-2021-030. Cagayan Valley's Inflation Slowed Down to 6.8 percent in September 2021.

PR-2021-029. PSA RSSO II conducts Regional Dissemination Forum on Labor and Employment Statistics.

PR-2021-028. PSA RSSO II conducts Briefing/Orientation on the Generation of Construction Statistics from Approved Building Permits.

PR-2021-027. Inflation Rate in Cagayan Valley accelerated further to 7.5 percent in August 2021.

PR-2021-026. PSA Set to Conduct 2021 Listing of Marine Fish Landing Centers LMFLC) in September 2021.

PR-2021-025. Ceremonial Signing of Tripartite MOA Highlights the First Convening of the Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) Municipal Census Coordinating Board (MCCB) of LGU Sta. Maria, Isabela.

PR-2021-024. DILG Regional Office 02 Initiated a Regional Forum for the Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS).

PR-2021-023. Cagayan Valley's Inflation Went Up to 6.9 percent in July 2021.

PR-2021-022. PSA-RSSO II Commended as One of BSP's Outstanding Partner in Bringing Digitization, Financial Inclusion and Sustainability Services to Filipinos.

PR-2021-021. PSA Region II-Cagayan Valley Hailed as the Third Best Region during the 2020 PSA Awards.

PR-2021-020. PSA-RSSO II Conducts 2020 Census of Population and Housing (2020 CPH): Regional Data Dissemination Forum on Population Counts.

PR-2021-019. Cagayan Valley Region's Inflation Rate Further Eased in June 2021.

PR-2021-018. Newly Appointed Personnel of PSA-RSSO II Took their Oath of Office.

PR-2021-017. Regional Inflation Rate Moves at a Slower Pace in May 2021.

PR-2021-016. Small-scale Roll-out of Philsys Step 2 Registration Starts in Batanes, Quirino and Nueva Vizcaya Provinces.

PR-2021-015. Inflation Rate Continued to Move at a Slower Rate in April 2021.

PR-2021-014. PSA-RSSO II Disseminates 2020 GRDP/GRDE.

PR-2021-012. Inflation Rate Continue to Exhibit Slower Pace in March 2021. 

PR-2021-011. Region's Inflation Rate Eased to 7.9 percent in February 2021. 

PR-2021-010. PhilSys Opens its Registration Center in Region 02's Capital City, Tuguegarao. 

PR-2021-009. PhilSys Step 2 Registration Continues to Roll-Out in the Provinces of Cagayan and Isabela. 

PR-2021-008. PSA-RSSO II Conducts Vital Statistics Dissemination Forum. 

PR-2021-007. First Regional Elimination to the National Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) Quiz Bee. 

PR-2021-006. Purchasing Power of Peso Continue to Weaken in January 2021. 

PR-2021-005. Region's Inflation Rate Hits 8.0 percent in January 2021. 

PR-2021-004. PSA-RSSO II Conducts Briefing for PSA Employee. 

PR-2021-003. Small-scale Roll-out of PhilSys Step 2 Registration Starts in Cagayan and Isabela.

PR-2021-002. PSA-RSSO II Kick-off Celebration.

PR-2021-001. PSA to Conduct Commercial Stocks Survey (CSS) in February 2021.



2021-006. Cagayan PSC Convene for its 8th Regular Business Meeting



2021-3169. Year-End Assessment and Planning Workshop

2021-3168. PSA-Isabela supports National Covid-19 Vaccination Days

2021-3167. RD Estrada and CSS Emperador lead the LGU Groundbreaking of PSA - Isabela Building

2021-3166. PSA Isabela provided PSA services in two recognized schools in the City of Ilagan

2021-3165. PSA Isabela  supervisors closely monitored 2022 Pilot CAF enumerators to ensure quality data

2021-3164. PSC Isabela approved a resolution enjoining data support for PSA-Isabela’s Countryside-in-figures (CIF)

2021-3163. PSC Isabela approved a resolution enjoining the provincial government to support the 2022 CAF Pilot Census

2021-3162. PSA Isabela approved the resolution on additional membership

2021-3161. PSA Isabela awarded the winners of contested activities during the 32nd NSM Closing Ceremony

2021-3160. Intensive Training for 2022 CAF Pilot Census Field Enumerators was conducted by PSA Isabela

2021-3159. Isabela Civil Registrars Association convened to mark the 32nd National Statistics Month

2021-3158. PSA Isabela launched its Maiden issue of Countryside-in-figures

2021-3157. PSA Isabela Tree Planting Campaign "To save lives, plant trees"

2021-3156. 2021 Pilot Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) started its Field Enumeration

2021-3155. 2021 Pilot Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) Municipal Level Training

2021-3154. 82 Applicants undergo Panel Interview for the Upcoming 2022 Census of Agriculture and Fisheries Pilot Census

2021-3153. The long wait is over as San Guillermo has begun its PhilSys Step 2 Registration

2021-3152. National ID in the Pambansang Pangasiwaan ng Patubig-Mariis Division I

2021-3151. Isabela State University-Roxas Campus carry out Republic Act 11055

2021-3150. PSA Isabela holds National ID Institutional Registration in BJMP San Mateo

2021-3145. Provincial Statistics Committee of Isabela Convenes and Holds its First Business Meeting

2021-3142. Training on Modified Disbursement System (MDS) Account in Provincial Offices

2021-3141. 2021 Brigada Eskwela & Oplan Balik Eskwela Kick-off

2021-3140. 1st National Convention on Civil Registration and Vital Statistics

2021-3137. PSA Isabela conducted the Third Level Training on 2021 Updating of Geo-Tagged Buildings  and Geo-Tagging of Economic Areas

2021-3133. 2021 Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) Competency Based Interview

2021-3132. 2021 Updating of the List of Establishments

2021-3131. PSA Isabela conducts Community-Based Monitoring System (CBMS) Pre-Test Orientation in Santa Maria, Isabela

2021-3130. 273 DA-CVRC Personnel Registered  thru PhilSys Institutional Registration

2021-3120. PSA Isabela opens PhilSys Registration Center in Quezon, Isabela

2021-3118. Provincial Data Dissemination Forum on Population Counts for the 2020 Census of Population and Housing (2020 CPH)

2021-3116. Provincial Data Dissemination Forum on the Results of the 2020 Census of Population and Housing (2020 CPH)

2021-3115. Celebration of Nutrition Month.