2021 Press Releases

PR-2021-012.  Inflation Rate Continue to Exhibit Slower Pace in March 2021. 
PR-2021-011.  Region's Inflation Rate Eased to 7.9 percent in February 2021. 
PR-2021-010.  PhilSys Opens its Registration Center in Region 02's Capital City, Tuguegarao. 
PR-2021-009.  PhilSys Step 2 Registration Continues to Roll-Out in the Provinces of Cagayan and Isabela. 
PR-2021-008.  PSA-RSSO II Conducts Vital Statistics Dissemination Forum. 
PR-2021-007.  First Regional Elimination to the National Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) Quiz Bee. 
PR-2021-006.  Purchasing Power of Peso Continue to Weaken in January 2021. 
PR-2021-005.  Region's Inflation Rate Hits 8.0 percent in January 2021. 
PR-2021-004.  PSA-RSSO II Conducts Briefing for PSA Employee. 
PR-2021-003.  Small-scale Roll-out of PhilSys Step 2 Registration Starts in Cagayan and Isabela.
PR-2021-002.  PSA-RSSO II Kick-off Celebration.
PR-2021-001.  PSA to Conduct Commercial Stocks Survey (CSS) in February 2021.