2020 Press Release

PR-2020-023.  Inflation Rate Jumped to 5.2 percent in November 2020.
PR-2020-022.  PhilSys Registration team trains for Registration Process.
PR-2020-021.  PSA RSSO II convenes PhilSys Focal Persons of the LGU's.
PR-2020-020.  Rebound in AFF boosts Cagayan Valley's economy in 2019.
PR-2020-019.  Faster Pace of Inflation Rate Observed in October 2020.
PR-2020-018.  31st NSM Celebration Cap-off in Region II.
PR-2020-017.  PSA-RSSO II on Board for 2020 CPH Manual Processing.
PR-2020-016.  LGU's Week: "Digitalization for Quick Connection" a Webinar for Social Media Managers of the Local Government Units.
PR-2020-015.  PhilSys Cagayan Valley Now Ready for Pre-Registration Process.
PR-2020-014.  Inflation Rate Inched up to 2.9 percent in August 2020.
PR-2020-013.  PSA Cagayan Valley Bags 2nd Place for Statistical Operations Category during PSA Awards.
PR-2020-012.  5000 Enumerators and Census Area Supervisors Starts Visiting every Household for 2020 CPH in RO2.
PR-2020-011.  PSA-RSSO II Conducts Virtual Press Launching of the 2020 Census of Population and Housing.
PR-2020-010.  PSA-RSSO II Conducts On-Boarding for its Newly Hired PhilSys Coordination Teams.
PR-2020-009.  Inflation Rate Continue to Exhibit Slower Pace in May 2020.
PR-2020-008.  RD Estrada Leads the Simultaneous Pagpupugay sa Watawat or Salute to a Clean Flag during its Flag Raising.
PR-2020-007.  Newly Appointed and Promoted Personnel of PSA-RSSO II took their Oath of Office.
PR-2020-006.  Inflation Rate Slowed Down to 2.5 percent in April 2020.
PR-2020-005.  PSA-RSSO II Resumes Frontline Services after ECQ.
PR-2020-004.  Regional Inflation Rate Rose to 2.7 in February 2020.
PR-2020-003.  PSA-RSSO II Conducts Consultation Workshop with Stakeholders in Agriculture and Fishery Sector in Cagayan Valley.  
PR-2020-002.  Further Increase in Inflation Rate Observed in January 2020
PR-2020-001.  PSA-RSSO II Jumpstarts 2020 with 2018 Official Poverty Statistics Dissemination Forum