2019 Press Releases

PR-2019-014.  PSA RSSO II Opens 30th NSM with Symposium cum Exhibition of Technological Innovations.

PR-2019-013.  260 Cycling Enthusiasts' Joins Fun Ride for the 30th NSM Kick-Off Event.

PR-2019-012.  PSA-RSSO II Celebrates 6th Year Anniversary.

PR-2019-011.  PSA-RSSO 02 Disseminates Estimates on Cereals and Selected Other Crops in the Region.

PR-2019-010.  Cagayan Valley Region Ranks 13th Place in the Results of the 2018 Census of Philippine Business and Industries (CPBI) Phase 1. 

PR-2019-009.  PSA-RSSO II Conducts 2019 Mid-Year Performance Review and General Assembly. 

PR-2019-008.  PSA-RSSO 2 Disseminates Poverty Statistics of the Region. 

PR-2019-007.  PSA-RSSO 2 concludes 2-week training on Processing of Geo-tagged Buildings, Updating of Digitized Maps and Enumeration Area Delineation/Merging.  

PR-2019-006.  PSA-RSSO II All Set for 2020 CPH Pilot Census at Quirino, Isabela

PR-2019-005.  Cagayan Valley's Economy grew by 3.3 percent

PR-2019-004.  PSA-RSSO 02 Launched its Maiden Issue of the Women and Men in Cagayan Valley. 

PR-2019-003.  PSA-RSSO2 Hosted Regional Dissemination Forum on the 2017 Philippine Standard Classification of Education (PSCED). 

PR-2019-002.  Civil Registration Month Celebration Kick Off. 

PR-2019-001.  PSA O2 Kick-off Year 2019 with the Conduct of LFS and FIES.