Sugarcane Production Pulled Down Performance of Non-Food and Industrial Crops in 1st Semester 2019 in Cagayan Valley Sufferred Setback

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Monday, September 23, 2019


Production output of Non- Food and Industrial Crops (NFIC) in Cagayan Valley for Ist Semester 2019 reduced by 11.5 percent
from 336,535 metric tons in 2018 down to 342,018 in 2019. The decline in the NFIC total production was evidently effectuated
by the big cut in Major NFIC group by 13.3 percent or a huge loss of 43,945 metric tons. Priority NFIC sub-sector which shared 15.0 percent
of the total production also pulled down the total output with the reduction in production by 565.0 metric tons.
Decrement in Other NFIC sub-sector by 0.6 percent or a deficit of 34 metric tons also contributed to negative output of this sector.
Minor NFIC barely managed to perform better this year posting a 0.7 percent increment.


As to percentage distribution of the total production of NFIC in the region for the 1st Semester 2019, Cagayan and Isabela provinces contributed almost equal production with a combined output of 97.0 percent to the total production. The remaining 3.0 percent
was produced from the three small provinces of the region.

The continuous decline in the production of Major Non-Food and Industrial Crops (Major NFIC) sub-sector from 331,605 metric tons in 2018 to 287,660 metric tons this year or a dearth of 43,945 metric tons was attributed largely to the negative output of sugarcane
registering a loss of 43,884 metric tons from its output last year. Sugarcane production accounted to about 83.0 percent
of the overall production of this sub-sector. The downturn in the production of coconut with a loss of 1,588 metric tons also pulled down
the output of major crops this year. On the positive note, upward trend from the production of coffee and tobacco was noted
at 1.3 percent and 14.2 percent, respectively and resulted to a combined increment of 1,528 metric tons.
Unfortunately, the minimal increase of both crops has no impact on the negative trend of Major NFI Crops this year.



With reference to the contribution of the different provinces in the region, Major NFIC production in Cagayan province
got the largest section of the pie at 51.0 percent followed by Isabela contributing 47.0 percent. To complete the pie,
production in Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino and Batanes provinces cornered the remaining aggregate output of two percent.


Breaking down the production of sugarcane by purpose for January to June, 2019 harvest, about 57.0 percent of its output
was purposely for centrifugal production while sugarcane for ethanol manufacturing accounted to 43.0 percent. The remaining
less than one percent combined share was harvested for muscovado, chewing and basi/vinegar purposes.

Priority Non-Food and Industrial Crops (Priority NFIC) sub-sector registered a drop of 1.12 percent or an estimated 565 metric tons compared to its output in 2018.  This was contributed by the negative output of almost all commodities under the sub-sector
with the exception of rice hay production.

Notably, biggest contributor to the negative output came from the big drop in production of green cornstalk which accounted
to about 5.0 percent of the total output of Priority NFIC in the 1st Semester of 2019 as it went down to almost 25.0 percent
or about 898 metric tons lower than 2018 output. The decline undoubtedly pulled down the subsector’s output despite positive indicator
from rice hay which captures 94.0 percent of the total Priority NFIC production. Other commodities like cacao, bromeliad and cashew
with aggregate share to total production of about 5.0 percent yielded negative growths with a combined loss of about 13 metric tons.


Meanwhile, Cagayan province topped the production of Priority NFIC in the region sharing 50.0 percent to total output coming
from the production of rice hay and green cornstalk. Nueva Vizcaya province added 30.0 percent followed by Isabela
contributing 19.0 percent to the total output this year. Merged production of Quirino and Batanes comprised the remaining one percent,

Meantime, differing trends for both Minor and Other NFIC was observed for 1st Semester 2019 compared to same period last year.
Upward trend was recorded for Minor NFIC when it posted an increase of 0.7 percent while downward trend or negative output
of 0.6 percent was tallied for Other NFIC sub-sector. Most commodities under the latter sub-sector showed slowdown in production
specially crops affected by typhoons in 2018.


In terms of percentage distribution of Minor and Other NFIC production by province for the period January - June, 2019,
Isabela province provided the largest share contributing around 57.0 percent to the total output of 4,291 metric tons.
Isabela pitched in 27.0 percent while Nueva Vizcaya added 11.0 percent. The remaining 5.0 percent was supplied from the production
of Quirino and Batanes provinces.

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         Production refers to the quantity produced and actually harvested for a particular crop during the reference period.

         For other crops, area planted refers to the actual physical area planted while area harvested refers to the actual area
from which harvests are realized. 

         Estimates of production and area planted/harvested are generated from the Quarterly Crops Production Survey (CrPS)
of which there are four survey rounds in a year, that is, February, May, August, and November.