Cagayan Valley Region Records 30,751 Establishments

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Thursday, August 22, 2019


According to the 2018 results of the Census of Philippine Business and Industries (CPBI) Phase 1, out of the 1,003,111 List of Establishments (LE)
in the country, 30,751 or 3.1 percent of these were recorded from the Cagayan Valley Region. These include 15,235 establishments’ records
with updated characteristics, 15,516 new establishments and 13,869 establishments’ records tagged with status other than “in operation”.

With a total of 13,685 establishments, Isabela province ranked 20th place in the nationwide ranking. The province of Isabela outnumbered Cagayan
with 9,839 establishments and ranked 27th nationwide. Nueva Vizcaya placed third in the regionwide placement with 5,169 establishments
and 45th in the country, while Quirino province has 1,739 establishments and 67th in nationwide ranking.  Batanes Province on the other hand,
has only 319 establishments and ranked last nationwide.


Wholesale and Retail Trade including Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles got the highest percentage from top industry sections 
in Cagayan Valley Region with 50.2 percent or 15,435 businesses. Manufacturing section comes second with 15.8 percent or 4,861 listed businesses
while Accommodation and Food Services comes in third spot with 13.6 percent or 4,168 registered businesses.  Meanwhile, Other Service Activities emerged in fourth spot with 5.0 percent or 1,551 recorded businesses and fifth spot belongs to Financial and Insurance Activities with 4.2 percent
or 1,305 listed industries.
Other Establishments which comprised 11.2 percent or 3,431 registered establishments includes Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing, Mining and Quarrying, Electricity, Gas, Steam, and Air Conditioning Supply, Water Supply; Sewerage, Waste Management and Remediation Activities,  Construction,
Transport and Storage, Information and Communication, Real Estate Activities, Professional, Scientific and Technical Activities,
Administrative and Support Service Activities, Education, Human Health and Social Work Activities and Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation. Ironically,
only 191 establishments were engage in Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishing or only about 5.6 percent of the total Other Establishments listed. Markedly,
bigger slices of the pie for Other Establishments were engaged in Education, Human Health and Social Work Activities
and Information and Communication counted at 727 and 689 establishments, respectively.

Single Establishments and Single Proprietorship dominates businesses in the region



Majority of the listed establishments in the region were identified as single establishments and comprised 82.0 percent or 25,201 establishments
from the total listed establishments while about 14.7 percent or 4,527 establishments were found as branch offices. There were also about 1.9 percent
or 579 businesses classified as establishment and main office while 1.0 percent or 321 establishments were purposely used  as main office only.
Meanwhile, only 123 establishments were used as ancillary units.



Congruently, single establishment is apparent across provinces in the region. All the five provinces reported more than 75.0 percent
of its total establishments classified as single establishment. In fact, listed single establishments in the four provinces
(Batanes, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino) were counted at more than 80 percent with the latter province reaching
as high as more than 90.0 percent. Single establishment in the province of Cagayan was reckoned at a little over 79.0 percent.
Meanwhile, listed establishments used as branch office were high in percentage in the large provinces of the region.
More than 10.0 percent were accounted as branch offices in the provinces of Cagayan, Isabela and Nueva Vizcaya with the former province
figured at about 17.0 percent.  
Establishments with attached main office comprised 5.0 percent in the province of Batanes
and more than 2.0 percent in Isabela. The rest of the provinces reported more than 1.0 of its total establishments classified as main office
side by side with its branch establishment. There were no main offices counted in the province of Batanes while the rest of the provinces
reported between 0.3 to 1.4 percent of main offices located in their political subdivision.  
Establishments used as ancillary units
were less than 1.0 percent across provinces.


In terms of legal organization, nearly 88.0 percent or 27,028 establishments in the region were distinguished as single proprietorship.
Establishments legally organize
d as stock corporations accounted to more than 9.0 percent or a total of 2,818 businesses. Cooperatives
including non-stock, non-profit corporations were almost identical in numbers at more than 1.0 percent or 373 and 327 establishments,
respectively. Government corporations in the region shared only 0.3 percent or only 98 establishments while establishments organized
under partnership and under any other legal organization shared 0.1 and 0.3 percent, respectively. 


Corollary, establishments under single proprietorship is significant across provinces sharing generally more than 87.0 percent
in the total establishments enumerated in its provinces. Specifically, about 92.0 percent of establishment in the province of Quirino
were managed by single proprietor while 89.0 percent of the same type was listed in the province of Nueva Vizcaya. The provinces of Batanes,
Cagayan and Isabela on the other hand, came up with more than 87.0 percent each of establishments under the tutelage of a single proprietor.

Establishments organized as stock corporations also placed second in the list of establishment by legal organization in the five provinces
in the region. In detail, more than 10.0 percent from the list of establishments in Isabela were classified as stock corporations
while 9.9 percent of establishments with the same legal organization were listed in the province of Cagayan. Moreover, stock corporations
in the province of Nueva Vizcaya shared 6.9 percent from its inventory of establishments while 6.0 percent was accounted as stock corporations
in the total establishments found in Batanes. Quirino province reported the least percentage of stock corporations located in the province
at only 4.0 percent from its data base of establishments enumerated in 2018.
Meanwhile, establishments operated by cooperatives in the provinces of Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino showed identical percentage share
of 2.4 percent from its inventory of establishments while 1.6 percent establishments were established as cooperatives in the list of establishment
found in Batanes province. Further, less than 1.0 percent each from the total establishments within the territorial jurisdiction of Isabela
and Cagayan were classified as cooperatives.


Establishments classified as Micro Enterprises dominant in the region


Micro Enterprises continue to dominate businesses in the region with 92.8 percent or 28,547 of the total establishments classified
as micro enterprises in terms of the total employment. Small Enterprises remained in second spot with 2,118 listed establishments
or 6.9 percent. On the other hand, medium and large enterprises captured the last two spots with 0.2 percent and 0.1 percent
or 4,875 and 4,728, establishments, respectively.


Accordingly, micro enterprises also prevailed in the provinces displaying generally, more than 91.0 percent share each
in its respective inventory of establishments. Specifically, micro enterprises in Nueva Vizcaya and Quirino captured 94.6 and 96.5 percent share
in the total establishment listed in respective provinces. Isabela, which has the largest establishments across provinces, identified 92.5 percent
from its total establishments as micro enterprises. The rest of the provinces showed more than 91.0 percent of micro enterprises
in its list of establishments.

Small enterprise is apparent in the province of Batanes with 8.5 percent share in the total list. while the same type of enterprisesin Cagayan and Isabela shared more than 7.0 percent apiece from its inventory.  Quirino province has the least share of small enterprisesat only 3.5 percent from its list of establishments. 
There were no medium enterprises found in the province of Nueva Vizcaya while a handful number of large enterprise were enumerated in the provinces of Cagayan, Isabela and Nueva Vizcaya. These two types of enterprises only comprised less than 0.3 percentfrom the total respective list.
  1. Establishment is an economic unit under a single ownership or control (under a single legal entity), engaged in one
    or predominantly one kind of economic activity at a single fixed location.
  1. The PSA employs the criterion on the number of employment in operationally defining Micro, Small, Medium and Large Enterprises (MSMEs). Micro if the total employment is less than 10; Small if employment is 10-99; Medium if employment is 100-199;
    Large if employment is 200 and above.
  1. Only 18 out of 21 Sections in the 2009 Philippine Standard Industry Classification (PSIC) are within the scope and coverage
    of the 2018 Updating of List of establishments (ULE)




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