Cagayan Valley’s Livestock Production Declined by 5.1 percent in 2020

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Friday, March 12, 2021


The total volume of livestock production in 2020 at 97,335 metric tons was 5.1 percent lower than the 2019 production output of 92,413 metric tons. All commodities showed poor performance during the period. The decrement in production was due to the decrease in the production of Carabao by 6.0 percent, Cattle and Hog by 4.9 and 4.8 percent, respectively, and Goat by 7.2 percent.


Relatedly, livestock industry in the region is banking more on swine production as it accounts for 74.6 percent of the total livestock production in the region. Cattle production on the other hand contributed to 14.4 percent, carabao production shared 9.4 percent while Goat production complemented only 1.6 percent.

In terms of the distribution of the volume of livestock production across provinces in 2020, Cagayan accounted for 41.5 percent of the region’s output or 38,321 metric tons, followed by Isabela with a share of 38.0 percent or 35,144 metric tons while Nueva Vizcaya contributed 12.9 percent or 11,910 metric tons. The provinces of Quirino and Batanes complemented the remaining shares of 7.2 percent or 6,651 metric tons and 0.4 percent or 388 metric tons, respectively.

A total of 216,474 heads of Carabao was recorded as of 1 January, 2021 in Cagayan Valley. This was 1.9 percent lower than the 220,592 heads registered in the same period of 2020. Backyard farms with 98.6 percent share to the region’s total Carabao inventory decreased by 1.9 percent from the previous year’s count of 217,680 heads. Meanwhile, Carabao stocks in commercial farms gained by 1.3 percent compared with the previous year’s record.

For Cattle, inventory was 189,927 heads beginning January 1, 2021. This was 1.5 percent higher compared with the previous year’s inventory of 187,163 heads. Both farm types reported increases in inventory. Stocks in backyard farms recorded an increase of 0.6 percent while commercial farms are up by 5.6 percent. 

Table 1. Livestock Inventory by Animal and Farm Type, Cagayan Valley: as of January 1, 2020-2021
On the other hand, total Swine population as of the first day of 2021 was at 262,875 heads, a plunge of 37.6 percent from the 2020 level. Remarkably, inventory of swine in backyard farms as of January 1, 2021 contracted by 37.9 percent. Corollary, stocks in commercial farms dropped by 35.0 percent. 

Meanwhile, Goat's latest inventory stood at 88,410 heads, 6.6 percent lower than 2020 count. Moreover, backyard farms stocks posted a decrease of 7.5 percent while commercial farms are up by 5.7 percent. 

For animals slaughtered in slaughterhouses, only Swine posted increase of 1.95 percent of from 578,689 heads in 2019 to 589,962 heads in 2020. All other animals fell short from its 2019 records with latest record of slaughtered carabao at 17.0 percent below the 2019 record. The latest number of slaughtered cattle also went down by 5.3 percent from its 2019 level.

In terms of farmgate prices, annual farmgate price in backyad farms of Carabao, Cattle, Goat and Hog (upgraded) for slaughter in 2020 were captured at PhP115.44, PhP113.14, PhP198.65 and PhP117.10 per kilogram, liveweight, respectively. Notably, all animal types have highest farmgate prices during December 2020.

Table 2. Monthly Average Farmgate (Backyard Farm) Price by Animal Type, Cagayan Valley: January to December 2019-2020
In commercial farms, annual farmgate prices of Carabao, Cattle, Goat and Hog (upgraded) for slaughter in 2020 were PhP 128.56, PhP121.86, PhP218.93 and PhP 118.70 per kilogram, liveweight, respectively. Highest farmgate prices were noted in December 2020 for Carabao, Cattle and Hog (upgraded) for slaughter, while Goat for slaughter recorded its highest in November 2020.
      Table 3. Monthly Average Farmgate (Commercial Farm) Price by Animal Type, Cagayan Valley: January to December 2019-2020


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